How to Woodwork Efficiently

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How to Wood Work Efficiently

Power-Saws – Woodwork is a good and healthy activity to keep one’s creative juices flowing. Where the activity itself is quite attractive to want to try, some may find it frustrating to deal with. The deal with woodworking is that it’s a staunch supporter of ‘work smart, not hard. You could be built like a bear and furiously sawing at a tree log with maximum motivation and still take longer to cut it than someone who knows what the perfect cutting angle and instrument would be. Surprisingly enough, brawns over brains constitute this entire activity and we’re here to help you make it a pleasant, creative experience rather than a painstaking ordeal.

It’s Not Just Cutting

A misconception many who do not have experience in this field have is it is a craft, which involves cutting from beginning to end. Unfortunately and, to quite an extent, this isn’t the case. Even the process of choosing the wood is something that involves a lot of thought and measurements. What sort of wood is needed, the cut on it, the varnish involved, and the measurements involving the length, breadth, and height all have to be taken into account. Honestly, it’s almost like physics. And for good reason too because woodworking is a precursor to architecture. Take some time out to go to a carpenter and ask them for wood and they’ll subject you to a barrage of questions like the aforementioned because they know how much adeptness this task requires.

Start With the Simple Tools

Another misapprehension of woodwork is that right off the bat you need to get yourself professional tools and construct an environment that oozes professionalism right from the get-go. It doesn’t work like this, folks. With a sturdy table, a sharp, working handsaw, and the right measurements, you can land a perfect craft with time to spare. Sure, do your research before starting but stay wary of sites that overload and potentially scare you with big tools that’d demotivate you to the point where you’d not want to work. Keep your phone at the ready and do a quick Google. Having an internet with capability like that of CenturyLink internet speed will always make sure you’re standing with your forefoot ready to clear any confusion on your equipment and the caliber of work you can put out.

Have a Trusty Work Table

Rule number 1 of getting started with woodwork and making it work is to have a work table. You can’t get started anywhere. Always assign yourself a workstation that’s sturdy enough to stand the brunt of the work. Naturally, there’s going to be a lot of cutting with saws and the like so the table should be able to withstand the impact generated. A table provides you with the level ground for your measurements as well. Any calculations to be made and alignments can be done on the table before woodworking. From start to finish, your workstation should handle it all.

Test Before Committing

It’d be a royal pain to have the wood you want to craft into the final product get messed up with an inaccurate measurement or improper use of your tools. Acquiring a good cut of wood is already work that you have to put in. Transporting it is another task. And once you have it placed on your work table you don’t want to take any chance of error. A helpful tip would be to carry out the initial few cuttings and shavings on a practice block of material that can imitate the wood you’ll be working on. Work with the same tools and the same plan you have in mind. Like a mock test. And make sure that your work and measurements are in order before moving on to the actual piece. This will save you time, anxiety, and money.

Keep your Tools in Good Shape

Just like how the tires of a wheel need to be optimally inflated to have it roll smoothly, the same way your woodworking tools need to be in good shape so you can get work done in a timely and efficient manner. This includes your saw first and foremost. Make sure its blades are not worn out otherwise you’ll be sawing for a much longer period. Dull blades and edges jeopardize your efforts and demotivate you. This also applies to any grinding and shaving equipment. Remember, woodwork is only as good as the tools used to do it.


Woodworking can be a super fun activity for those who are well-versed in how to make it. Take some time before diving in to accustom yourself to the work. Watch YouTube videos, observe carpenters, practice cutting, and gauge yourself. And always, always work with safety gear equipped. Never think of high risk, high reward. Take care of the safety of you and your loved ones and then give woodworking a go.

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